Entrepreneurs Changing the Game With Man Cave Innovation

It’s easy to allow your basement to turn into that storage room that no one wants to go into. With a few adjustments, you can turn an average basement into a killer man cave and invite the guys over. Here are five easy ways that will have your place poppin during the next big game:

Fresh, Modern Furniture. No, we are not talking about that old couch you got from your neighbor who was about to haul it off to the thrift store. We are also not talking about those camp chairs that you double as basement overflow seating chairs. We are talking about nice plush and brightly colored furniture. Get a color theme and stick with it. Whether it be the colors of your favorite team, or just a few bright colors to go with some blacks and white hues, pick a theme and run with it. It does not have to be expensive to make it look nice. Check out http://www.houzz.com/photos/living for some innovative basement furniture layouts and color themes.

Clean Carpet. How many times have you been to someone’s place and been grossed out by the carpet? From dirt and dust buildup to nasty stains, filthy carpet is something that will keep guests from coming over. The best solution is to have your carpet regularly cleaned. If you don’t want to take the time to do this, it is not hard to find an affordable carpet cleaning service that will regularly clean your carpets and have them looking spot free for you and your guests. Keeping the carpet clean is essential for not only looks, but it will also help reduce pollen and other allergens in your home.

A Big Screen. I mean real, real big. No one likes showing up to a spot to watch a game or event and everyone is hovered around the 28’ screen TV that you acquired from your grandparents house when they upgraded their TV system. A nice High Definition TV gives your man cave a nice touch. There are some real nice televisions out right now that are “4K”… Four times higher definition than the original 1080p HDTV’s. If your room is large enough and you have a large area of wall available, a home theater system is a great way to go. This makes the room ideal for either sports games or a movie night. You can get systems that have a crystal clear display and look like actual movie theater quality. Make sure you have a good sound system to accompany either your TV or home theater system. Most theater systems come with a surround sound setup.

Space. Wait, really space? That’s right. In order to host many people for an event, you want to have sufficient space for everyone to be comfortable. This means having the least amount of clutter possible. Your man cave should not double as a kids playroom… A spacious room is more inviting and calming for guests. Not that you want calm guests during the big game, but allow them to get fired up and anxious in ways other than the condition of the room you are watching the game in.

Food and Drinks. This is a given right? When you are having people over for an event, the drinks and snacks can make or break the party. Having them easily available can really help things go smoothly. There are many innovative ways to incorporate coolers, refrigerators, and even bars into your basement. No one like walking clear across the house to the kitchen to load up on snacks and drinks just to bring them back to the basement. Make it easy for everyone by having drinks and snacks available in the basement where the party is at.

It’s pretty simple, really. It is fun to go to a nice party, but it’s even more enjoyable to host the party or event that everyone loves and talks about for a while. These five easy additions to your basement can turn your spot into “The Hangout Spot” for every big game. It doesn’t have to be an expensive project, just enough to get the people to come and have such a good time that they’ll come to your next bash.

DubLi Cash Back Mobile Apps Help Save This Holiday Season

When it comes to innovation, there is no doubt that Mobile apps have given us a completely new way to interact and have access to information from anywhere in the world.


Apps are here to make our lives “easier” so its not surprised that this holiday season there are tons of apps that can make the shopping experience a little easier and help us find some saving along the way.

Best Apps For Shopping And Savings

The holiday season can be the most stressful time to be a shopper.

With a huge shopping list to complete and the clock ticking it can be difficult to stay on track and on a budget. Believe it or not during this holiday season apps can be a good option to save and shop at the lowest prices.

The Following are some of the smart phone apps that can help you beat the odds and allow you to save both time and money.

1. Get the Best Deals – Google Shopper

Google shopper is a bar-code scanning app, that can help you search for whatever product you are looking for, from a book to high-end electronics, the Google shopper app can find the best deal available for you both online and in-store. Once you have found the best-deal available you can directly make a purchase from the app itself and even share your findings with your friends and family.

The app also have a “Search by Voice” which allows you to say the name of the product and it will automatically search for it. These online shopping apps are free on both iPhones and Android phones.

2. Holiday Budget Planning Apps – Santa’s Bag & Christmas Gift List

These apps allow you to make a list of people you want to buy gifts for, their wish lists and budget accordingly. You can record what you have spent so far and even know for whom you haven’t bought a gift yet.

Another interesting app, Christmas List Snowball even has some animations to keep you in a good mood when you have to wait in long lines, which can be common during the holidays!

3. Dubli Network

While not an app yet, the Dubli Network toolbar offers great deals for those who use the portal to make purchases. The good thing about this website is that you can save regardless of what it is you are buying. Dubli Network is one of the biggest saving  online portals that you can take advantage of for a low monthly membership.

4. Holiday Meal Planning – Coupons.com & Favado

While many people manage to stay on track on their gift budget, their holiday meal budget goes dangerously overboard. Apps such as Coupons.com and Favado, can help you here too. Make a list of the groceries you want to purchase and these apps will find the best deals and coupons for you in your region. Another big seasonal holiday attraction is receiving official letters from santa gift cards for Christmas and children. Who doesn’t like a personalized card directly from the North Pole that you can order online!

While using these apps may take some time getting used to, the savings can add up massively letting you stay organized and on budget. Remember the internet is a big place and safety and security are essentials to keep in mind to ensure a pleasurable shopping experience online.

Finally, while apps can help you save a lot money, getting your gifts right also involves planning. You many end up spending a lot on things that are not worth their cost. So arm yourself with the right apps and information, go out there this holiday season and beat the retailers at their own game!!

Also, for all of you who use social media and like to share what you bought…consider opening up a Kalatu Blog to help share the holiday cheer and spirit. Letting people who know you get better deals and save money shopping is a great way to connect and engage with people who buy and shop for similar items and ideas as you do.

World Ventures, Traveling the World & Working in Hong Hong

Being Chinese doesn’t mean you’re smarter or better than anyone else, of course. We all know that…but in this case you’re about to see, it might mean you’re better prepared to succeed.

World Ventures Opens Training Center in Hong Kong

If preparation and training are the key to winning at leading a sales team to victory, then the Chinese are certainly doing it right in Hong Kong.

The Chinese division of WorldVentures, an international operation that sells travel club memberships, is taking training very seriously indeed. They’ve gone all out to ensure their independent representatives have the best resources for training and meeting with membership prospects.

How are they doing this? By opening a field training center, thereby proving total commitment to the business and to the legions of independent reps in Hong Kong and throughout Asia.

Last month, a fully dedicated Training Center was opened in Hong Kong, where reps can hold motivational seminars, training workshops, and business presentations for prospective members. It’s the kind of fully-backed support and tight organization that’s typical of well-run corporations and even the most functional governments- which is why China may someday rule the world.


Well…maybe. Either way, we know that World Ventures reps love the idea of world travel, so an international center is not a bad thing.

This is how they roll:


What a Training Center Means for World Ventures Asia

Without a dedicated training center, independent reps are left to their own devices when it comes to training their team or even hosting events for new team members.

Reps typically make use of…

  • webinars
  • YouTube videos
  • Facebook pages
  • blogs
  • emails

Although they are all effective in their own way, these approaches don’t make sense for local prospect mining…where reps can talk face-to-face with people and make real connections.

A training center like the one just launched in Hong Kong means reps in Hong Kong can host live events and build their teams in a state-of-the art facility where they can represent WorldVentures in a highly professional manner befitting the customer, the prospect and the culture of WorldVentures in general.

Way to go, WorldVentures Asia!

Training Center Launch Ceremony Done Up in Local Fashion

The grand opening of the new facility was celebrated in a launch ceremony on October 5. More than 600 attendees were entertained with a traditional lion dance featuring dragons and costumed performers. They also enjoyed a roast pig celebration and the evening was topped off with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The traditional events symbolize good luck and longevity to the Chinese.

WorldVentures execs flew over for the grand opening launch ceremony: Kyle Lowe, the WorldVentures Vice President International gave a speech as did Anthony Fong, Director of Regional Sales in Asia.

The event itself provided a motivational force- independent reps from all over Asia were in attendance.

About WorldVentures

WorldVentures sells vacation club memberships, which provide its members with discounts on premium vacation packages. The memberships are sold via an international network of independent representatives who gain financial freedom and fulfillment through their marketing efforts and in conjunction with the the teams of reps they manage. Based in Texas, WorldVentures has reps in 28 countries.