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Being Chinese doesn’t mean you’re smarter or better than anyone else, of course. We all know that…but in this case you’re about to see, it might mean you’re better prepared to succeed.

World Ventures Opens Training Center in Hong Kong

If preparation and training are the key to winning at leading a sales team to victory, then the Chinese are certainly doing it right in Hong Kong.

The Chinese division of WorldVentures, an international operation that sells travel club memberships, is taking training very seriously indeed. They’ve gone all out to ensure their independent representatives have the best resources for training and meeting with membership prospects.

How are they doing this? By opening a field training center, thereby proving total commitment to the business and to the legions of independent reps in Hong Kong and throughout Asia.

Last month, a fully dedicated Training Center was opened in Hong Kong, where reps can hold motivational seminars, training workshops, and business presentations for prospective members. It’s the kind of fully-backed support and tight organization that’s typical of well-run corporations and even the most functional governments- which is why China may someday rule the world.


Well…maybe. Either way, we know that World Ventures reps love the idea of world travel, so an international center is not a bad thing.

This is how they roll:


What a Training Center Means for World Ventures Asia

Without a dedicated training center, independent reps are left to their own devices when it comes to training their team or even hosting events for new team members.

Reps typically make use of…

  • webinars
  • YouTube videos
  • Facebook pages
  • blogs
  • emails

Although they are all effective in their own way, these approaches don’t make sense for local prospect mining…where reps can talk face-to-face with people and make real connections.

A training center like the one just launched in Hong Kong means reps in Hong Kong can host live events and build their teams in a state-of-the art facility where they can represent WorldVentures in a highly professional manner befitting the customer, the prospect and the culture of WorldVentures in general.

Way to go, WorldVentures Asia!

Training Center Launch Ceremony Done Up in Local Fashion

The grand opening of the new facility was celebrated in a launch ceremony on October 5. More than 600 attendees were entertained with a traditional lion dance featuring dragons and costumed performers. They also enjoyed a roast pig celebration and the evening was topped off with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The traditional events symbolize good luck and longevity to the Chinese.

WorldVentures execs flew over for the grand opening launch ceremony: Kyle Lowe, the WorldVentures Vice President International gave a speech as did Anthony Fong, Director of Regional Sales in Asia.

The event itself provided a motivational force- independent reps from all over Asia were in attendance.

About WorldVentures

WorldVentures sells vacation club memberships, which provide its members with discounts on premium vacation packages. The memberships are sold via an international network of independent representatives who gain financial freedom and fulfillment through their marketing efforts and in conjunction with the the teams of reps they manage. Based in Texas, WorldVentures has reps in 28 countries.